Advent Calendars

Advent calendar | Numero 74

Now I always leave this purchase (or I should say ‘these purchases’) too late, so this year I’m absolutely determined to get a jump-start on things. There are so many lovely calendars around, it’s not easy to choose. And many of which you can keep year after year, and fill with your own goodies (a bit of a faff, granted, but nothing that a quick smash and grab in Poundland can’t fix…). This are my favourites anyway.

Sarah xx

ps: for myself I’m rather tempted by this Liberty one, or this Victorian one, which I love, and which reminds me of my own childhood (not in the late 19th century I might add!!) when we used to have similar calendars.

pps: I am working on the Christmas gift guides as we speak, so don’t get too ahead of yourself! You’ll surely want to be armed with all my round-ups first??