Black Friday Bargains/Madness Part i

Ok, so I still don’t know how I feel about all this Black Friday/Cyber nonsense to be honest with you… I have really ummed and ahhed about whether to even bother posting about it at all. So I concluded that if I’m not sure how I feel about, many of you probably feel the same. So I have decided to do a little post, simply listing the brands that are currently offering discounts; in case there is something you are specifically looking for. This is when I find the sales (and at the end of the day, that’s what this is, a sale – no need for the hysteria people!!) the most useful – target a particular thing/things that you have been eying up/need, but couldn’t afford/justify at full price. This was why I bought my garden table and chairs from La Redoute’s sale – I had been wanting to buy them since the Spring, but simply didn’t have the cash to spare. So as soon as they had a whopping 40% off, I pounced. And I’m certainly glad I did. I may or may not call it a day and leave it at that. Let’s see! But to be honest, I am happy I got the things I really wanted/needed. So my advice, for what it’s worth, is to hold your nerve, and don’t get seduced by the discount alone. If it’s something you have already been eyeing, and you have the funds, go for it. I have selected a few things that I like or would be from each brand listed (a VERY tight edit of only the brands that I think you would be interested in, hence the reason I am not suggesting you hit the Black Friday bargains at Boohoo and Nasty Gal…), just to help you time-wise.
Good luck!

Sarah xx

ps: I will be updating this post every day (in alphabetical order for ease and speed – our time is precious right?), as the discounts can vary from day to day, and different brands are offering reductions only on certain days. I don’t want to drive you all mad with a new email/post every day, so just check back to this post if you’re thinking of taking the plunge…

pps: and yes, I know this is the exact same image I used on my Black Friday post last year. It’s the only fitting picture I like!

ppps: the newest addition to my bracelet’ stack is this gold rosary bracelet from Loel & Co. They currently have 30% off. I think I might buy a couple for Christmas presents. I get SO many compliments on mine!

pppps: let’s not forget that footage of that MAD woman straddling a flat screen tv in Iceland that year? No one wants to be her.

Amazon UK
New promotions every day until Sunday 25th November

30% off everything until Monday 26th November

La Redoute
40% off everything

30% off everything with code BLACK18

25% of with Early Access Black Friday Sale

30% off

West Elm
20% off