Dreamy Dresses

photos: Three Graces

Ok, so naturally now that summer in England has been and gone (blink and you missed it, or in my case, if you happened to be on a two day outfitting with a fashion brand, in a room with no windows, you DEFINITELY missed it), I’ve decided today would be the perfect day to share my favourite summer dresses. BUT, these are all dresses that would be prefect for our summer hols, so maybe let’s focus on that instead? By the way, I was the fool wearing my gladiator tan sandals (these ones if you’re interested) today (with a sweatshirt and jeans), freezing my arse off.
Anyway, I do love a slightly ethnic-y, hippie-ish style of dress, particularly in the summer, and there are so many great ones out there (at all price points). There are some gorgeous colours around too – I’m loving the dusky pinks, ochres, rusts etc. But, as alway I also my love white, cream, blues, khaki. I’m not much of an experimenter when it comes to the colour palette of my wardrobe, that’s for sure.
So take a look. I basically want them all.
Oh, and if, like me, you love an Indian block printed dress (I’m sorry to tell you that the Elle Feguson for Billabong one is now completely sold out) , Etsy is always worth a look, and you can get some real bargains.  I really like this one.

Sarah xx

ps: today I’m focusing on more ‘ summery’ styles, but love this black one ruffed one. A great ‘dress up or down’ dress.

pps: this dress really has no business being in this post, even in a pps, but I also love this simple, grey t-shirt dress too.