One For The Men In Our Lives


Sandals | Birkenstock

Is it just me, or can menswear go a little awry in the Summer? Tom rotates his Prada loafers, Veja trainers, and various boots throughout the Winter months and it’s all good. Come Summer? Not so much. Personally, I’m all for a man in a classic Birkenstock, but he’s not much of a fan. And flip flops just aren’t that easy for men to pull off, in my humble opinion.
Anyway, just last Saturday, a little film crew descended on our, equally little house, and the videographer just happened to be wearing these exact black Birks. They looked so cool, but in a really low-key way, not-trying-to-be-cool way. So I asked him for the low-down. They look leather, but they’re not, they’re actually a kind of rubber. They are the ‘Arizona’ classic style of Birks that we all love, but the difference being that the sole is black. Anyway, I showed a pic of them to Tom, and he ordered immediately ordered a pair online. And now they’ve arrived and he LOVES them. They look great with jeans (even better with a little turn-up) as well as shorts – Tom has already been rocking his in Richmond…
And the best bit? The price!

Sarah xx

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