Tee Time

It’s that time of year when I have the panic seasonal cross-over (for me and the kids, but, mostly the kids – I have a ton of summer clothes stashed under the bed). Anyone else with me? Suddenly (literally overnight) they need summer school uniform (Tabitha literally sobbed the other morning because her M&S summer dresses hadn’t arrived yet…), sandals, summer hats, summer pyjamas, sunnies, and short sleeved tees. Tabitha mostly wears dresses (winter and summer), so tops and t-shirts don’t make up a huge part of her wardrobe. But once the sun’s out, she suddenly wants/needs t-shirts (not as much to wear as tops, but to layer under things). She wears a lot of this style of dress/skirt (so pretty), so nice tees are a must (she has plenty of pretty blouses that she wears all year round). Just this morning, she realised she didn’t have a single short sleeved one, and was actually about to borrow one from Marlow, when she changed her mind and wore this (beyond gorgeous, and kindly sent from the wonderful Elfie London. Some of you may remember that she had the blue and white version last summer) instead.
Anyway, not the most mind-blowing of posts it’s true, but we all know how key good basics are in our own wardrobes. So, these are some of my favourites. I have been a huge fan (and champion) of Smalls, almost since the conception of Little Spree (over seven years now!!!). If you don’t know them, you absolutely must check them out immediately! They do THE best merino basics for kids – they’re not the cheapest, but the quality is amazing, and they last and last and last (Tabarlow have had theirs for YEARS, and they still look (and feel) like new). The whole concept behind their products is that they allow the skin to breathe, and regulate your body temperature, so keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. They are honestly one of the best things I’ve ever bought for the kids. And I have only just realised they they now do short sleeved (raglan style)  tees (Tabarlow both have long sleeved, in various colours). The three colours above are my favourites. LOVE the mustard. So I am planning on getting a couple for them. £40.00 is pricey for a t-shirt for sure, but I don’t mind paying for something if I truly know it will last and last, and that the quality is good. This, for me, is what Little Spree is all about – knowing when to save and when to spurge. The occasional spurge is very often cost-effective in the long run.
But, as you all also know, I always love a bargain and a great high street buy. Now I included these in my previous post, but these Next packs of boys’ tees are just brilliant. I have bought them for Marlow for the past few years, and just bought him some new ones the other day (and in fact, have since ordered some more online). They are great value, super-soft cotton, and most of the colours are good (I always just do a quick ‘edit’ before putting them away in Marlow’s drawers – I ditch the dodgy colour/s – they end up in my local charity shop). It’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to like all the colours in a  multi-pack of any description, and even after ditching one or two, they still work out great value (as I said in my other post, size down as they come up really big – Marlow wears an age 6 and he’s 8, and they’re still a nice, comfortable fit). I really like this pack for younger boys (just ditch the giraffe one, obviously). I also love the Mango boys’ tees (above). Today I am focusing on the more basic, simple tees, but I love these city t-shirts from Mango too.
Anyway, that’s enough t-shirt chat to be getting on with (I’ve got a fresh tub of Cookie Dough ice-cream in the freezer with my name on it…). I’ve done an edit of all my faves, below. Hope you’re all enjoying this amazing weather!

Sarah xx

ps: as always, I’ve ordered Tabs and Marlow their Saltwater (tan) sandals. They are still the best sandals out there as far as I’m concerned. They literally go with EVERYTHING, and for anyone who’s not familiar with them, they’re super-comfy, waterproof AND machine washable (yes really). And one pair will last the entire summer months and beyond. Ours can’t come soon enough!!

pps: in other news, I just spotted that my current favourite pair of shoes now come in red!! Now for anyone who missed out on the Boden red round toe shoes with the ankle strap, these are for you. In fact, I think these are even nicer, as they’re flat. I have been living in my black ones, so am more than a little tempted by the red version…

ppps: Rita Konig’s ‘Complete House’ workshop, bunk beds, gorgeous girls and boys swimwear,plus how to create a stylish ‘crafting station’ for your kids all coming soon… So stay tuned!